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Upcoming Products

Hello all!

Here's an update on what's to come:

Sweatshirts will be available soon in the next week or two. They will come in sizes small-4X. They will be between $35-$40 depending on size. If needed for a Christmas gift please send an email to 

Get-Back Whips will be coming in January, and we estimate the price to be $39.95 each and will measure 32 inches long. Should ride perfect behind a fairing and will be in Remnant Sons black and orange.

Rings.  We have club rings available to order now, but it can take up to 6 months after getting them ordered to get them back due to the company we use.  We are currently in talks with a few other companies to see if we can get the rings made and shipped faster.  Will keep you updated.

Really looking forward to the Vision meeting that is coming up in January in Pittsburgh. We will have the full store available there. Come check us out!